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SSY Gas Expands On The Ground in Korea
SSY Gas, the gas division of global shipbroker Simpson Spence Young, has today announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with TEAM Marine Consulting in Seoul, Korea. This new agreement covers all of SSY Gas’s LNG business in Korea.

Read the full press release here.
Argus Americas Petcoke Summit
Speaking at this event in Houston on 18 September, John Keeshan of SSY USA, outlined the main factors impacting on petcoke spot rates from the US Gulf.
Coal Association of Canada Annual Conference
SSY's Head of Research, John Kearsey participated in the Market Analysts session of this annual conference held in Vancouver on 16-18 September. His paper put the current dry bulk freight market into historical perspective, identified the main reasons for this year's acute weakness and the prospects for recovery.
Maritime Cyprus
John Bamford, Managing Director of Simpson Spence Young's Sale & Purchase division, was among the speakers at this conference in Limassol on 16th September. His topic was "Where Next for Bulk Carrier Values?" with John assessing investment opportunities in the main sizes.
Coaltrans Brazil
In his paper at this annual conference, held in Rio de Janeiro on 2-3 September, Robin Masters of SSY USA highlighted the pivotal role played by Brazil's dry bulk exports in driving dry bulk freight market volatility.
Kalimantan Coal Conference
Ahmed El Masry from SSY Singapore provided the freight perspective at this conference, held in Indonesia on 2-3 September, where his paper looked at some of the key reasons behind this year's exceptionally soft freight market in the Pacific.
First Cape 5 TC Long Term FFA Deal
SSY Futures Ltd is pleased to report that they have concluded the first long term Cape 5TC FFA deal.

Read the full press release here.
Metal Bulletin International Iron Ore Symposium
Duncan Dunn of SSY Futures and John Kearsey of SSY Consultancy & Research were both participants in this year's conference held in Vienna. John Kearsey's presentation focussed on the sources of freight market negativity and, in particular, the influence of China's reduced dry bulk imports. He then moved on to examine the developments in vessel supply and cargo demand that will be required to support an eventual recovery in dry bulk carrier freight rates. Duncan Dunn was the moderator in a session covering the expanding role of derivatives in the international iron ore market.
IHS Energy European Coal Outlook Conference
SSY's Head of Research John Kearsey was one of the speakers at this annual event held in Nice on 18/20 May, where he considered whether the depressed state of spot and futures freight pricing were justified by market fundamentals. The company took prizes in the categories for both Iron Ore Futures/Swaps broking and iron ore options broking, as well as for FFA broking. Mark Richardson, Head of SSY Futures, also spoke on Evolving Market Structures in Asia, at the SGX Iron Ore Week Forum, where delegates heard about the increased volumes in 2014 on both Chinese and Singaporean based exchanges.
Singapore Iron Ore Week
SSY Futures won prizes in all three of the broking categories it entered for the SGX AsiaClear Awards in Singapore, which are timed to coincide with Singapore Iron Ore Week.
Sulphur World Symposium
Derek Langston of SSY Consultancy & Research presented a paper at The Sulphur Institute's annual conference, which was held in Barcelona on April 20/22, where he highlighted some of the potential sources of volatility in freight rates in a fundamentally oversupplied dry bulk carrier market.
SSY Completes Global Rebrand
SSY has undergone a global corporate rebrand as it positions itself for continued growth and greater market differentiation.

Read the full press release here.
Metal Bulletin 58% Fines Iron Ore Swap
SSY Futures Ltd are pleased to report that they have concluded a trade in the new Metal Bulletin 58% Premium Fines CFR China iron ore swap on the launch day of the new contract. The new contract clears on SGX Asiaclear and there has been good interest in it from Iron Ore derivatives traders.

The trade was for 20,000 metric tonnes of Iron Ore settling against Metal Bulletins index pricing in April of this year. The trade was concluded for customers of SSYs based in Singapore and China.

Read the full press release here.
LNG Shipping Conference
Debbie Turner of SSY Gas was a speaker at the event held by Informa in London on 24/25 February. Lloyds List described Ms Turner's presentation as "no-nonsense" and "forthright" as she outlined the reasons behind the current soft spot market for LNG carriers and her expectations for an improvement in market fortunes.
China Iron Ore 2015
Held in Beijing on 3-5 February 2015, the annual conference organised by Metal Bulletin included a presentation by SSY's John Kearsey on "Seaborne Iron Ore and the Freight Market". Mr Kearsey outlined the factors behind the exceptionally low freight rates in early 2015 and the conditions required to support freight market revival.
London Ship Finance Forum
John Bamford, Managing Director of Simpson Spence Young's Sale & Purchase division, chaired a session titled "The Importance of the Capital Markets is Building a Shipping Company". The panel included representatives from Euroseas, Hoegh LNG, Concordia Maritime, M Sea Capital and Euronav.
Global Steel 2014
John Kearsey, Head of Research at Simpson Spence Young, was among the speakers at the November 2014 conference held in Mumbai. he focussed on how setbacks to coal import demand outside of India had impacted on both physical spot rates and freight market expectations.
MEIC Shipping Seminar
"Trends and Prospects in the Dry Bulk Freight Market" was the title of the paper presented by John Kearsey of SSY Consultancy & Research at the annual seminar in Busan, organised by Korea's Maritime Exchange Information Center. Mr Kearsey's paper looked at the prospective influences on the dry bulk freight market in 2015, including Chinese coal imports and a rising supply of Ultramax newbuildings.
China Iron & Steel Association Annual Conference
Speaking at CISA's 14th International Steel & Raw Materials Conference in September, SSY's Head of Research John Kearsey highlighted how freight remained a source of volatility in delivered iron ore prices to China, despite 2014's weaker than expected dry bulk shipping market.
Ground Breaking Coking Coal Trade
Following the launch of their new Coking Coal Desk, SSY Futures Ltd are pleased to report that they have recently transacted a major deal for customers hedging 100,000 metric tonnes of coking coal. The trade which is for clearing on The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and will settle against the Platts Hard Coking Coal (Premium Low Volatility) FOB Australian index, is the first to have been executed in such a significant volume.

“We’re delighted to have concluded this trade for our customers,” said Mark Richardson head of SSY Futures, “this is a ground breaking trade and demonstrates that the Coking Coal derivatives market can provide an effective hedging mechanism for traders using index based physical pricing and is becoming a key component of the steel derivatives complex.”

Volume in the combined SGX and CME cleared Coking coal contracts reached a record level of 597,000mt for the month in August, with SSY accounting for around thirty percent of the total.

Background growth in Iron Ore derivatives remains exceptionally strong with SGX Asiaclear clearing a total of over 260 million metric tonnes of iron ore derivatives in the first half of 2014. Just under the total for the whole of 2013 and greatly exceeding the first half total for last year of around 121 million metric tonnes.

Read the full press release here.
Lugano Commodity Trading Association Conference
Giando Dormio of SSY Zug was among the speakers at this event, which was held on 15 September.
Coal Market Strategies Conference
Held by the American Coal Council in August 2014, this conference included a paper by SSY's John Keeshan providing a "Shipping Perspective on the US as Coal Exporter...and Importer"
Asian Pellets and DRI Conference
Jamie Pearce, Head of SSY Futures Singapore, explained how swaps and options can be used to hedge against iron ore price risks. The conference was held by Metal Bulletin in Singapore on 8/9 July 2014.
SSY Futures Ltd Launch Coking Coal Derivatives
SSY Futures Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of our new coking coal desk. The desk will be led by Mark Richardson, Head of SSY Futures Ltd and will launch with a team of four brokers.

The team will initially focus on a contract settling against the Platts Australian Low Volatility Coking Coal index, which clears on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and then SGX Asiaclear’s TSI contracts launching in August. These new contracts will complement SSY’s existing Iron Ore and Steels offering. The desk will operate from London and Singapore where SSY’s existing derivatives businesses are based.

Read the full press release heret
6th Asia Ship Recycling and SNP Summit
SSY's Vicky Liu was one of the speakers at the conference held in Shanghai, where her paper provided an overview of "Global Shipping Market Trends".
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